Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to School Fall Fashion - early edition!

At our house, catalogs have been arriving daily trying to convince me where to shop for my kids 'back to school' fall wardrobes.  And if I wasn't so fashion-obsessed, these companies do make it super simple to purchase an entire wardrobe for said child in one foul swoop.

But no, not me.  A little mixing and matching, price-comparing, and of course trend watching has me finding favorites in each catalog that my littles should wear.  And, I'm not one to go crazy each season.  I focus on what we've outgrown and how new pieces can make older pieces that still fit look fresh again.

So here we go - my 'top picks' from each catalog.  And this is not to say there aren't a bunch of other stuff I love from each place - but these pieces are my ultimate favs that I think will be super cute for Fall!

Land's End Kids - Girls

This chambray shirt with heart pockets is a little bit of a throwback to when I was a little girl - I love it!  
Girls' Long Sleeve Chambray Ellie Shirt, $29
Dying over this knit blazer - I want it for me, too!!  
Girls' Pattern Knit Blazer, $34

Land's End - Boys

These track pants might seem a little booooorrring....but they ARE what the boys like to wear, trust me!  And I like that they are colorful, pull on, and lined for comfort.
Boys' Mesh Lined Track Pants, $24
These hoodies remind me of Splendid, and are at least half the price.
Boys' Stripe Super Hoodie, $22

Tea Collection - Girls

How smart is this:  tea collection has packaged custom 'sets' you can buy.  Basically a couple tops and bottoms that all mix and match - Garanimals style!  

I love this set for the gals because of the moto pants and flutter sleeve dress:
Great Wall 5 Piece Set, $128

And for boys I am all about this set that includes pants with reinforced knees and a Dragon hoodie!
Daring Dragon Set, $118

Mini Boden - Girls

This dress is sweet yet with a little bit of a hipster vibe thrown in - paired with some stripey tights or leggings and a fun colored cardigan, it's perfect for school pictures.

Printed Tea Dress in Rose Quartz Vintage Birds, $56

Ok you will FOR SURE see Gemma in this set come Fall & Winter.  Obsessed.  

Novelty Knitted Set, $36

Mini Boden - Boys

Anyone who knows me knows that I have dressed Griffin in Mini Boden since he was tiny. It's one of my favorite brands for boys because it's colorful and fun yet still 'cool.'  Griff actually likes to pick out new pants and shirts himself when the catalogs arrive....#teachinghimwell

These pants hold up extremely well - we have bought them almost every season. And trust me - the pockets are key for boys who collect 'stuff.'
Rib Waist Cargos,  $46

I also love Mini Boden's mid-weight outerwear (i.e. fleeces, sweatshirts, etc).  They hold up beautifully and set my kid apart from the sea of North Face fleeces we see around here......this one with the stars is my favorite for this Fall.

Shaggy Lined Hoody, $54

Old Navy - Girls

While I sometimes have issues with quality, you simply cannot beat Old Navy for hitting the trends at the right price point.  Gemma and I will be twinsies in this cargo vest (I have an oldie but goodie from J Crew that I probably overwear I love it so much).

Twill Cargo Zip Vest, $19.94

Peplum for toddlers?  Of course, right?

Peplum Tee, $12.94

Old Navy - Boys

Old school Underoos, baby.  Come in Batman, Marvel Heroes, Angry Birds, and Superman.  We're an Angry Birds/Batman family cute.

Underoos 3 Pack Boxer Briefs, $14.94

What boy doesn't love a good character tee?  Old Navy is THE PLACE to get them.  Some I cannot stand (Angry Birds) but some aren't so bad.  This is my favorite:

Star Wars I Rule the School Tee, $12.94

Did you enjoy my list?  I hope so!  There are many more catalogs to arrive I'm sure......stay tuned for more kids fall fashion from this Mama.  In the meantime, I'm headed to the grand opening of the Neiman Marcus Last Call store tomorrow in Rosemont - SO EXCITED!