Mascara Meets Matchbox is a blog I decided to start writing as I was on the precipice of new things.  I was pregnant with my second child (who was born in July 2010), we were moving away from our beloved house (which I thought could have been our 'forever' house), and I had quit my job to become a stay at home Mom. 

MMM has helped me bridge the gap between all of the old familiar things in my life and all of the new and unexpected things in my life. The title reflects me (mascara - girly) and my son (matchbox, for matchbox cars), and how I was and still am learning what life is like with kids (so different)!  I plan to continue to bring fashion insight (as my previous job was as a buyer for a contemporary women's boutique), mom insight, funny stories, weekly 'fashion police' episodes, and cool kids clothes and 'stuff' I come across on a daily basis. 

Please enjoy, and if you have feedback, please give it!  I love hearing what you have to say.  I've discovered blogging is a great way to feel 'connected' to other people in your shoes - whichever ones you might be wearing that day (SAHM, working Mom, single, dating, etc...). 

Mollie aka Mascara

Me and the Mr

Me and my other 'Mister' Griffin
21 mos

Me and Gemma - fresh out of the oven!  July 10, 2010