Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fashion Challenge: What to wear to Downtown Disney?

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I'm working on putting together looks for Kendra Thornton, a travel expert.  She's headed to Disneyworld soon with her family, and this post is all about her nighttime look.

She will be going to Downtown Disney, more specifically the Rainforest Cafe with the family.  What to wear?  Having been to Downtown Disney myself, it's definitely a casual atmosphere, but at night it's always nice to spice things up a bit.  Show off a little of your glam self - trust me, the kids will love seeing Mommy all dressed up!

The outfit I put together below is....well....totally me.  I LOVE it so much I want to wear it myself!  Key pieces here?  A comfortable yet chic maxi dress, a utility vest to add some layers and warmth, and a statement necklace.  You can't forget a bit of red lipstick to make this look really pop.

Night Out......With Kids

Fashion Challenge: What to wear to Disneyworld?

This blog has been a bit dormant lately, I admit.  Pretty sure I haven't posted since 2013.  Ha!  Well I'm back.  Can't guarantee any regularity, but this post will be fun for sure.

Travel expert Kendra Thornton contacted me recently to participate in a Vacation Wardrobe Challenge.  I'm ALWAYS up for a wardrobe challenge.  She is going to Disneyworld with her family soon, and is looking for ideas on what to wear for a day trip to the parks, and then a night out to dinner with her family at the Rainforest Cafe.  Seems like it might be easy - casual warm-weather clothes, right?  Well, the idea is to be fashionable, yet functional.  Not all clothes fit this criteria, as i'm sure you know!

Some of our most comfy wear is not necessarily fashionable, and some of our most fashionable wear is not necessarily Disney park friendly if you know what I mean!

So here are my ideas for Kendra's daytime look. Key pieces include a hat for sun protection, a denim jacket for layering if it gets chilly (sometimes when you get into the A/C it can be downright cold!), and of course flat yet chic sandals for walking (a lot).  Oh - and a big bag.  Moms can relate to this - a big bag is KEY if you're going to be out all day with littles.

Daytime at Disney