Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashionable IPhone Gloves??

So - struggling to compile a list of things you might want for Christmas? I am. However, gloves for the IPhone are something I definitely want.

However...hard to find. Let me tell you. I have just been scouring around the internet and have decided that the best options are these:

The Northface ETip, for $40.

They come in black, white, and grey (aka in any of these colors they'll match with anything!), and will no doubt do the job in terms of warmth and iphone use. However, the Northface website is already out of the XS and S - in all of the colors. And they're Unisex so if you're a girl you definitely want a XS or S. Try Nordstrom instead!

The others I like are by Echo - the Touchscreen Knit Glove. They come in a TON of colors - visit http://www.echodesign.com/, but my favorites are either black or fuschia, which are sold at http://www.saks.com/. They retail at $48.00 - and are maybe a more stylish alternative to the more utilitarian Northface glove.....check em:

So tell me - anyone have these already? Would love some commentary!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey Chicago Mamas......Check out today's Mamaloot!

I was so excited a few minutes ago to open my email and find today's Mamaloot deal:
Get $100 at any Chicagoland Galt Toys & Galt Baby Store for only $50!
Wahoo! Hello......Christmas shopping anyone?
Click HERE to get the deal. Amazing!! You have to use the loot by December 18, but hey that's no problem for a shopper like me!
Oh and they have 3 locations in Chicago: Northbrook, Mag Mile (Michigan Ave), and Lincoln Park.

Here are more details:

-It's like getting $50 for FREE!
-Shop local this holiday season! Galt Toys has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years, serving Chicago families with a wide selection of quality products and top notch customer service
-Need to use this Loot by December 18, so hurry on up over to any of Galt's 3 Chicagoland locations
-Limit 1 per person
-Minimum purchase of $200 required to redeem this Loot

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh So Excited!

There's something to be said about waiting till something goes on sale....

Before Gemma was born, I obsessed over this drum table from Serena & Lily. It was WAY too expensive, at $395 to purchase, especially since I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl.

But today, I went to their site to see if it was still available since they're having a friends and family 20% off sale........sadly it was gone. By chance, I decided to call and see if they would be getting any back in. The answer was no....but they DID have 2 left in stock! And they'd marked them down to wholesale cost - $225. Hurrah!!!

And with my $100 gift certificate from my dear friends for my bday..........

it's mine!

Oh lucky day.
PS: if you want to shop the Serena & Lily Friends and Family sale....it goes until 11/22, and you just enter code FRIENDS20 at checkout.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm a Barbie girl...are you?

One very exciting thing for me about having a little girl is that I get to share my LOVE of Barbies with her! I saved a few of my favorites from my childhood and I literally can't wait until Gemma is ready to play with them. I used to spend hours dressing and re-dressing my Barbies in the basement play room, and I remember my sister Amy would spend equal amounts of time playing with her My Little Ponies. It worked out well - my Barbies often took 'horsie rides' on Amy's ponies. Ha! Thinking back we had a great time....

Anyway, over the past few years I have rekindled my Barbie love, thanks in part to the Vintage Barbie Calendars that are now put out each year. They are sketched drawings of Barbies in various fabulous outfits, and I just LOVE THEM! They are SO fabulous that you can easily frame the drawings and hang them as wall art - in perhaps a little girls room, or any room that you deem 'shabby chic' I think. Last year my friend Melanie (of the ever popular Style Scout blog) and I were talking about these calendars - I think it was around Christmas time - and they were tough to find by that point - so if you like them, get on it!

They usually do 2 calendars - there is a more typical 16 month Vintage Barbie Calendar, in which you can actually write in birthdays and keep track of things, and then there is the Vintage Barbie Poster Wall Calendar, which to me is more for decoration in itself than actually being useful.....

16 Month Vintage Barbie 2011 Calendar

Here's a shot of the inside....

The 2011 Vintage Barbie Poster Wall Calendar

And this is what each individual page looks like on the Poster Wall Calendar - like I said - more for decoration.

Since it's holiday time, I must mention that these make GREAT girlfriend gifts - and at $13.99 & $21.99 respectively - they are a great price. Try www.calendars.com as well as www.amazon.com.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Joe!

33 already!!!!!!

I know I have heard this before, from countless adults who have gone before me.....but I can't believe that we (my husband and I, our friends, etc) are 33. I mean, I feel 23! Which is the age that Joe and I met.....

So instead of putting up a hideous picture of us at age 23, I thought this was much cuter.

Joe at age 1. Looking good sweetie, hope today is great!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 Months Already!

I just have to say......my baby girl is 4 months old today! I can't believe it....time has flown.

She's smiling, almost rolling over, babbling, and just overall the sweetest baby. I can't believe how much I forgot about how sweet they are at this age! And chunky - look at those scrumptious legs!

Happy 4 months, Gemma!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pillow Time

Nope, not talking about sleep. I love a good decorative pillow. Since we're renting a house right now (bad time to sell ours up in Madison) in the Chicago area, I am trying to find ways to spice up our house without doing too much irreparable damage to the walls (i.e. painting!). One of the best ways I have found to do that is with....pillows!

I have a couple of adorable pillows I found at a cute home boutique up in Madison that I must share with you:

Cute right? They add a little color to our tan-colored couch and people always comment on them. You can find these two pillows and other cute ones HERE; the company (Chandler 4 Corners) is all about hand-hooked wool items (Christmas stockings, furniture, you name it!).

Browsing around their website, I also think these two would be SUPER cute in a little boys room...

Also cute in a little boys room - better yet a nursery? These ADORABLE letter pillows from Serena and Lily:

They'd also make a great baby gift - at only $58!

I'm sure you all will agree - Target always has a great deal on cute pillows..........here's a fab one:

Garden Party - $19.99

And the old standby, Pottery Barn. Except - save a little dough and check out Pottery Barn Teen! (http://www.pbteen.com/) For Gemma's future room, perhaps? Adorable.....

XOXO, $29

and I love this pillow - for it's message, and because it works in any kids' room!

Save the Whales, $29

Hope I've inspired you.......I think watching cute (but dorky, right?!) Nate Berkus' show has inspired me...