Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I did this weekend.....

the lovely windowbox

take 2

tall planter

take 2

a lovely confection

another lovely

last lovely

view from the front yard

all 3 planters

vertical view

I love to garden, and living in a rental home is not ideal for that.  But a good way to add a personal touch to a rental is definitely potted arrangements and window boxes!  These planters were all from our yard in Wisconsin - they were THE HEAVIEST thing to move but SO worth it!!!  

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Beautiful Maxi

I came across this while browsing Shopbop the other day.....had to share.  

This dress combines all things I love in fashion:  a little bit preppy, a little bit Missoni-chic, a little bit bohemian, and strapless.  Brilliant!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I had my Stella & Dot party.....and I got THE NECKLACE.  

Stella & Dot Bamboleo Necklace

I love love love this necklace ladies and if you see me relatively often don't laugh if i 'overwear' it's welcome!  

If you LOVE LOVE LOVE something too, don't forget to visit my sister in law's Stella & Dot page to place an order, or to schedule a party if you live in Chicagoland!  She's fabulous and would love to have a party at your house - and help you earn some free jewels of your own.......

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Birthday Dress

I think that even though I'm all grown up, it's still fun to pick out a dress for a special occasion.  Whether it be an Easter dress, or a fancy dress to wear to a wedding, or a dress to wear on my birthday dinner it's such a fun thing to do!  I have always been such a girl in this regard; I love getting dressed up and coordinating 'the perfect outfit' or ensemble for a special night out.  

So, with my (gulp) 34th birthday on the horizon in a couple of weeks I of course have already decided on the dress.  

Nanette Lepore Booby Trap Dress

Of course, I'm obsessed.  It's perfection.  Hot pink, short, washed silk, what else could a girl want?  But......to all of you fashionistas - any brilliant ideas on shoes to wear with it?  I'm thinking nude patent pumps - but am open to all thoughts on accessorizing!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cool Wall Art

I stumbled upon a really cool Etsy shop - called Gemini Studio Art.  All of these are hand collaged, original illustrations on canvas.  I think these are great gifts for just about anyone.....but in light of Fathers day coming up, a great gift for Dads!  

For the Chicago lover

Golf Courses of the World

Baby's Arrival Details - so unique

Your favorite doggy

Another doggy......so cool!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yep, more Coral!

I've been a bit absent from writing these past few days - I embarked on a quick trip to Kansas City with the kiddos on Saturday, and I'm headed home tomorrow.  It's been a fun and very busy trip with seeing family and getting the kids some quality time with their Papa and Mimi!

I managed to carve out a little time yesterday to go see my friend Maria at the Laura Mercier counter in Nordstroms here, and I found yet another coral Spring 2011 must have.  Enough with the coral?  Maybe for you, but not for me!  ;-)

I picked up the Shimmer Lip Colour Lipstick in Coral (not so inventive on the names) and I have been wearing it all day.  I love it and it works for an everyday, daytime look.

Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour in Coral, $22

This is the best representation of the color that I can find online.  It's very pretty!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love the UK

I love Pippa, I love Mini Boden, and I love Monsoon (clothing)! 

A new friend of mine told me about this darling line out of the UK called Monsoon.  It is DARLING.  

They do Women's, Children's, Housewares, and Accessories, and there is very little on the site that I don't like.  Check it out for yourself!  

Specifically, I think they do a GREAT job with unique and adorable children's clothing - from babies to kids, it's ALL cute.  And even the boy stuff is cute (yay!).

Here are a few shots from their kids lookbook:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, she did.

Here is what I'm annoyed by.......I was watching Access Hollywood recently and they did a quickie story on:

"Did Bristol Palin have plastic surgery?"

Um, have you seen the pictures?  OF COURSE SHE DID!  My beef is:  the headline of the Access Hollywood story should have been:

"Bristol Palin had some major work done on her chin and she looks SO MUCH BETTER!"


a teency bit obsessed....with Stella & Dot.

A little over a month ago, I attended a Stella and Dot jewelry party at a friend's house.  I had been to Stella and Dot parties before, but their new collection is divine and there are SO MANY must haves!  Aaak!   Enter my sister in law Angie, who attended the party with me.  She, like me, love love loved the jewels.  In fact, she loved them SO much that she became a rep a couple of days later!  

Therefore, I am hosting Angie's very 1st Stella & Dot party at my house this coming Thursday.  I am SO excited to have a few friends over to peruse, try on, and invest in pieces from the collection - not to mention drink a little wine!  

Click HERE to peruse for yourself, on Angie's personal website for Stella and Dot, and if you end up buying something you'll be supporting her new business.  

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites from the line...... 

Bamboleo Necklace

Casablanca Bib Necklace

On the Mark Necklace

Starry Night Necklace

Penelope Necklace

Starfish Earrings

Belle Fleur Earrings

Azure Couture Earrings

Bardot Spiral Bangle

Nugget Wrap Bracelets

Petra Braided Bracelet

Eternity Bands