Friday, February 25, 2011

Fashion Police Friday

So many problems here.....

Who is wearing this?  And where?  And with what?  Most importantly, Hanky Panky, how did this happen?

Happy weekend everyone, and


Here's an old in Janelle's wedding.  Love ya sister!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Handbags, Purses, Clutches, Oh My!

How did I not know about the Purse Blog until now?  Seriously.  A handbag fanatic such as myself should have been onto this a LONG TIME AGO!  Shame on me.

If you are a handbag/purse/clutch collector and lover like myself, you MUST get yourself to the Purse Blog.

There is SO MUCH fabulousness to see on this blog.......but what I will share with you all are a couple of pictures of the pre-fall 2011 collection from Louis Vuitton.  The pictures are not great, but I already know I might covet something from this mixed-media collection:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boden LTD - Like? Love.

I am sure by now many of you know about my obsession with all things MiniBoden.  Love love love everything they do for babies and kids.  And up until now, I haven't been 'obsessed' with anything for ME at Boden (yes they do make women's clothes!). 

But.......they just unveiled their new 'Boden Limited Edition' collection.  The fabrics are more luxurious, the color palate a bit more understated, and it's an online-only range.  Meaning when it's sold out, it's SOLD OUT for good.  Makes you want it even more, right?

Here are some of my favorites from the debut collection:

 Showstopping Knitted Jacket, $388
 Metallic Trench, $228
 Painted Spot Dress, $128
 Silk Feather Top, $148
Silk Feather Maxi, $248


Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Police's a doozy

First of all - did I spell 'doozy' right?  I don't know.  Something I always say, but never spelled.

Anyway - this edition of Fashion Police comes to us from my friend Michelle, who recently vacationed in Mexico.  Before she left, I said - make SURE to take any pictures of FP worthy posts.....and she delivered.  Yay! 

The question a banana hammock EVER ok on a man

This guy is the best.  Here's what he thought about before going to the beach that morning:

Skull tattoo?  Check.
Black banana hammock?  Check.
Insanely tan?  Check.
Gold chains?  Check.
Work out completed?  Check.


Michelle - you rock.  Thanks for the laugh!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

baby shoes that stay on.....yay!

We recently got Gemma Grace a pair of these darling Bobux baby shoes.  I love them for 2 reasons:

1.  They are SO CUTE!  So many choices, too.

2.  They stay on.  For real, I have not lost a baby shoe yet - but we have had many a scare - ex. recently going up and down every aisle in Michaels for a shoe that either Griffin pulled off Gemma, or it just fell off.  Ahhh!  Nothing more annoying.

Therefore, baby Bobux shoes from here on out! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dog Love

Today I am proud to introduce you all to my sister Amy, who is an RVT - or Registered Veterinary Technician. She mostly works in Opthamology (eye care for dogs) and does some emergency work as well.  Amy has loved animals since the day she was born - you should see her 'communicate' with them. She has used a 'voice' for as long as I can remember with all of our family pets and now with her own (and mine). This voice is.... a) hilarious and b) dogs really respond this voice.  Too funny.  She is fantastic at what she does and I am very happy that she gets to go to work everyday and help animals - I think it has always been her destiny!  Any animal that comes under Amy's care is a very lucky animal; she is extraordinary with them.

I approached Amy a few weeks ago to be a contributor to my blog in the best way that she can - helping us learn more and treat our animals & pets better.  So every once in a while you'll see a post from Miss Amy - and please, if you have any dog/cat/pet questions, shout them my way!  I'm happy to ask Amy for you or possibly make your question the subject of Amy's blog entry. 

 Amy with her beloved Bonnie on her 4th birthday

Without further ado......Here's Amy's entry.
As some of you may know, I am an animal lover. And by animal lover, I mean I am a little crazy about my furry little creatures that I call my kids. I thought it would be fun to talk about a subject that many of us are guilty of, which is table scraps. I like to spoil my dogs and cats more than anyone in the world, but some people-food can be considered toxic to our animals.  Hence, today's topic:

The top 5 foods that we see a lot in emergency medicine; causing harm to our 'kids':

1. Chocolate.  I'm sure most of you guessed this! Dogs love the flavor. And don't think that just because some of them are small and can't reach the counter, they can't get to this stuff. They will find a way on the counter! And if they don't, I know some cats who would be more than willing to push a chocolate cake onto the ground for their dog friends. Chocolate can cause increased heart rate, tremors, and even death. So although we like to binge on it on occasion, dogs can't.

2. Onions. Not only do onions cause bad breath for everyone (pets included), they also are harmful to our best friends. They can cause anemia, vomiting and weakness. Hold the onions please.

3. Sugar Free Gum. This one a lot of people don't know about. Although this gum helps us humans freshen our breath after a healthy dose of's toxic to dogs. Sugar Free Gum contains a sugar substitute called Xylitol. This stuff can cause bleeding, liver failure, and death. So make sure to keep your dogs nose out of your purses!

4. Meat overload. Ok, it sounds ridiculous. But if a dog has access to tons of meats, they will eat them.  And unfortunately, an overload can cause pancreatitis, which is no fun for anyone involved.  So everytime you have extra steak, turkey breast, chicken, or sausage, think twice about letting your dog or cat indulge.  Maybe once a year on their birthday a burger would be appropriate! 

5. Grapes/Raisins.  Last on the list, but just as bad. These delicious little bursts of juice can cause kidney failure in dogs when eaten in large amounts.  While they seem like them might a fun item to toss your dog while you're noshing on them, it's actually a terrible idea!  And if you have kids, do NOT let them feed your dog either of these.......many times kids are the culprits of veterinary emergency situations.

As much as I love spoiling my animals rotten, I'll make sure to spoil them with the right stuff. Try something a little more pet appropriate, like a fantastic cake from Three Dog Bakery.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Ugly Hats?

Yes, I am his mother, but how cute is G in this hat?

Uglydoll is supposed to make ugly stuff right?  Well I think these hats are downright cute.  And for $20, a hat that your kid LOVES to wear is a great thing, especially here in chilly Chicago!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Etsy Debut!

After a lot of feet-dragging, I finally put my custom made frames on Etsy!  I would love for you all to check out my art project (that's what Griffin calls it).  Let me know your thoughts and please remember me if you need a great baby or girlfriend gift.

The shop name is Chamberlaine Custom Frames if you want to search for it or tell your friends.  Wink wink.

You can either buy what you see, or I am happy to do a custom frame for you to match a baby or child's room, or your room!  Just give me a couple of weeks on custom orders.

Here's the Etsy link:

Back to work

I'm super excited to tell everyone about my new title - Independent Midwest Sales Representative for L*Space Swim and Pilyq Swim!  I am telling you, once you're in the fashion industry, it's SO HARD to leave!  I've missed it.

Anyway, my love of swimwear has blossomed into a career path, and I can't wait to start selling.  These two lines are AMAZING!  L*Space is a fabulous line that is super popular - I carried it in bop and it's on - and that I hear even has a suit in the upcoming SI Swimsuit Issue.  Yahoo!  Check it out on the SI Swimsuit Facebook page.  Here's just one of the great looking suits in their

Just one of L*Space's amazing suits!

Pilyq is a brand spanking new line that I just previewed on Tuesday and it's to die for.  I think I want 80% of the collection.  Why do I live in the Midwest again?  Pilyq is SO new that the website isn't quite ready - but you can 'fan' Pilyq on Facebook - click here so when the collection debuts you can be among the first to find out about it!  Here's the logo - doesn't that tell you enough?  ;-)  Stripes, peachy pink tones, gold.....ahhh....summer.

So here's my question for you all of my Midwestern readers - do you know of any FABULOUS swim stores or boutiques that these lines should be in?  I would love any tips you can send! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Big Time Blogging....

Have any of you picked up the latest issue of Lucky Magazine? I was so excited to find that they picked out their top 7 fashion bloggers - calling them 'The New Influencers.' If you need some style/fashion inspiration, I highly recommend you check these out!

My favorites on this list?  Manrepeller and DecadeDiary. What are yours? 

I would love to know some new ones NOT on here!

Bernadette Pascua of

Fiona Bryne of

Jane Aldridge of

Kelly Framel of

Leandra Medine of

Rachelle Hruska of

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stylish Blogger, Moi?

Hopefully by this title you all don't think I'm complimenting myself (which in all honestly wouldn't be a surprise, ha!), but instead I was nominated by Melanie of Scout as someone who is, a 'stylish blogger!' Thank you Mel, you're always very sweet to me.

As part of the deal, you have to nominate other 'stylish bloggers.'  Here are some great blogs I follow written by some very stylish women!  Ladies, I look forward to your posts!

Look Learn Love

Art Wall

Whine and Cheez

Raw for a Reason

That Girl in Pearls

The other part of the game is to reveal 7 interesting things about read on if you're interested!

1. I recently learned to needlepoint (from my Mom) and needle pointed my husband a proper Christmas stocking! I am in the process of making Gemma's as well......and also making a little pillow for my niece Sienna (it's a very belated gift at the rate I'm going!). Obviously this is not the one I made - sorry, I don't feel like unearthing it from the basement Xmas decs...but it's similar.
2. Before kids, I had professional pictures taken of my dogs! Yes, I did. They turned out amazing......the photographer I used is Amanda Jones. If you are an animal lover like me, it's SO worth it! Here's an example of her work:

3.  I have a pacemaker.  Yes, as in the old lady kind.  To me, it's not a big deal and I don't think of it much.  I really don't even notice the scar anymore.   I probably will in a couple of years when I have to get my battery replaced - no joke!  I'm battery operated. 

4.  A few years ago (before kids, even before I was married), my Mom and I were shopping on Armitage Ave in Chicago and found some adorable frames.  You know, the kind that are painted with either rhinestones on them or a bow, or whatever......but they were in a boutique for $40 or $50!  Both of us being somewhat crafty, we thought 'We can make these!'  So we bought some materials and they came out.....just ok.  I made a few, gave some to my Mom, and got bored of it.  However, a couple of months ago, I revisited this craft and am now making my own frames - some to give as gifts, but I think I may just open my own little Etsy shop.  And yes, I will do custom orders if you're interested!  Stay the meantime here are a couple I have ready to  go:

5.  Despite all of his unfortunate comments, strange singing faces, and just all around weirdness, I love me some John Mayer.  I love all of his albums, and love to blast it in the car, when making dinner, whenever!  When Gemma was teency this summer, for some reason his Battlestudies album calmed her......Joe says it's because it's melancholy.  He's probably right.  When we moved out of our house last year in Madison, I was pregnant with Gemma and very emotional about the move, quitting my job, etc, and so as we drove away I turned on John Mayer's song 'All we ever do is say goodbye' and sobbed all the way to Chicago.  Whew!  I was intermittently laughing at myself; Joe didn't quite know what to say. 

6.  I am kind of obsessed with swimwear.  Strange, given I live in the Midwest and only don one on a yearly vacation and maybe a handful of times in the summer.  If you were to come see my 'collection' you'd laugh.  How many swimsuits does a Midwestern girl need?  Apparently more than 15.

7.  I went to an all girls, catholic high school.  We wore uniforms, rarely shaved our legs, had many nuns for teachers, and loved every minute of it!  St Teresa's Academy in Kansas City was the best!  I made some of the best friends of my life there, and learned so much about myself.  I loved being in the all girls environment and focusing on ME.  What else did I love about it?  That our brother school was Rockhurst.  Who doesn't love a Rockhurst boy?  Here are some old school photos to make you laugh.