Friday, September 6, 2013

Can't get a decent photo of your kids? Hire Leathem Photography. You're welcome.

Chicagoland friends - if you are looking for a children's photographer, look no further.  I have found her for you.  Her name is Tammy Leathem, and she has taken pictures of my children since each of them were born.  After each and every photo session I count the days until I get my pictures back because I can't wait to see what special faces and moments Tammy has caught on camera.

Photography is a passion for Tammy, not just a job.  You can clearly see that in her pictures. I only wish she had pursued her passion just one year earlier than she did and she could have photographed my wedding!  Eeek - that was 9 years ago.

Anyway - wanted to share a few pictures from our session with Tammy in May.  The photos are stunning - and it's not just because I have cute kids (don't we all have THE CUTEST kids?).  

phone: 312-952-6974

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten (a belated post)

Yesterday was my little Griffin's first day of Kindergarten.  Earlier in the week, we had a 'popsicle party' that included all four K classes along with their parents and siblings.  When we got there, he hid behind my legs (well, as well as that big kid could), and told me there were too many people there.  Agreed.  It was kind of insanity.  He seemed a little worried about Kindergarten after we got home that evening, so I decided to take it easy on the Kindergarten hype the rest of the week.

We had a pretty normal morning yesterday - I took the kids with me while I worked out at the Dailey Method (loving this new workout btw), then we hit up Whole Foods for some kiddie favorites (Gemma lives for the Probugs yogurt, Griffin for the Stonyfield farms smoothies).  One hilarious moment was when we were driving and out of the blue, Griffin asks "Mommy, how do storks carry things?"  I said, "Like babies, you mean?"  Yes, he wanted to know how storks could carry such heavy things, and also wondered how you got the baby in your stomach once the stork delivered it.  Hmmpf.  Good question, I said.  ;-)  Here was my answer (and he bought it, oh yeah!):  "Well, once Mommies and Daddies decided that they are ready to have a baby, they let God know, and then when it's time, God gives the stork a baby, who delivers it down to us in the middle of the night and magically puts it into my belly."  Ha!!!  I mean, probably the worst story ever, but it worked for the time being.  And how sweet is it that he was sitting there in my back seat wondering about this.  Then, we came home, had some quiet time......and then got our new backpack out.

In case you were wondering, we had a Star Wars theme this year.  I got his backpack and lunch bag from Pottery Barn, click HERE to find it!

We didn't have anything to put in it since we pre-ordered school supplies with the PTO (such a great timesaver for mommy!), but we attached numerous lego-guy keychains to make it 'his.'

Then we had lunch, and I printed out a 'Kindergarten' sign for him to hold so when I'm too old to remember how old he was in certain pictures he's holding a sign for us all to know.  I think it's a clever new trend - these printables seem to be all over Pinterest and Etsy, or you can just make them yourself.

5 year olds.  Pretty darn cute.  

Of course, we can't have a picture taking session with just ONE kid, and Miss Gemma HAD to get in on the action.  'I want to hold the sign, I wanna!!!'  So I said - you're right missie.  We can make a sign for you too.  A little sharpie action on Griffin's sign and it was now hers (and she couldn't have been happier):

This pose says it all.
 On the way over to Kindergarten, no one had too many questions for Mommy, so we just chanted 'Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Kindergarten!'  Gemma got into it too.  She really wanted to go to school today too, poor baby!  As we got there, she asked, am I going to school today too Mama?  Unfortunately for her (and Mommy), her school doesn't start until the 11th.  Hard to understand when you're 3.  Also when you're 36.  

Griff has already made some new friends.  

It was raining when we got there, so we did the Kindergarten line up inside.  The kids all looked like deer in headlights - none of them were quite sure what was going on.  But they all rather quietly lined up and waited to go in......and let all of us crazy mommies take pictures.  It was sort of like they were on the red carpet and we were the paparazzi.  If that was the case, man, we need to work on their posing!  ;-))  hahahaha....
Kindergarten line up - aka red carpet.
Not quite sure about this.

And that was it!  The teacher whisked the kids into the classroom and all of us mommies stood around saying - 'was that it?'  But it was for the best.  Getting into the normal routine on the first day was just what we needed.  I picked him up 3 hours later and he told me that yes, gym class was his favorite.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I'm not!  :-)  So glad he likes it, and cannot wait to see what he learns this year in school.  So many firsts to continue looking forward to, for both parents and kids, but so many already over.  I got tears in my eyes as I was saying goodbye to my first baby on his first day of Kindergarten, but they were tears of happiness for him.  I'm so excited for what his future holds, and boy am I blessed to be his mother.