Sunday, April 21, 2013

We shipped the bed.

I'm sure you all have seen the 'I shipped my bed' commercial by now either on TV or online.  If you haven't, you are missing out.  It's freaking hilarious.  As the Huff Post says - it really is for the 12 yr old in all of us.  Or the 17 yr old.  Or the 30 yr old.  

Before you watch my rendition of this commercial, you must watch the Kmart one (again, if you haven't already).,b=facebook

Totally unplanned, my husband and I were laughing to ourselves about the commercial the other night at dinnertime, so we asked our 2 and 5 year olds to say the phrase 'I shipped my bed.'  Oh.....let me just tell you.  Super funny.


DIY Headbands & Hairties

How many times have I been shopping somewhere and said 'I could make this!' {for a fraction of the price}?  Too many times to count!

Such is the case with these super cute elastic hair ties and headbands.  I see them everywhere, and after paying way too much for some for my niece a couple of months ago it was decided. 

I found the elastic a few different places online, but I ended up buying mine from     They have great color choices, and I liked that you can choose how much you want of each color.  To start, I bought 5 yards of each.  I figured I can make some for myself and my daughter, and then either sell a few to those who are interested and give them as gifts.

They're super easy to make, so if you're interested, read on.

Step 1.  Order your elastic from

Step 2.  Gather your tools.  You'll need a ruler or tape measure, scissors and a lighter. 

Step 3.  For headbands, measure 22" and cut on the diagonal.*
For hair ties, measure 9-10" and cut on the diagonal.*

*these are sizes for an adult headband or hair tie.  adjust accordingly if you're making some for little girls or babies.  

Step 4.  Fold in half, and tie the ends together.  Looping them around your finger works well for this type of knot.  

Step 5.  Run the edges of the elastic lightly across a flame to seal and prevent fraying.

Step 6.  Show off your handiwork!

The best part about these is that if they're too big or too small, you can always re-tie the knot to adjust.  

Hope you've been inspired to DIY!

And if you don't want to DIY - let me know.  I can make some for ya (for a lot cheaper than you'll pay elsewhere.  ;-))

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Need a CUTE baby gift?

I have got one for you.  A former co-worker of mine recently started her own Etsy shop (Hallie Birdie) making the sweetest baby blankets, and you have to see them.

She stopped by my Matilda Jane party a few weeks ago and gave me one of them, and I am obsessed!  Miss Gemma loves it too - it's super soft and snuggly, a perfect size for her crib.  They are sold as 'stroller blankets,' but they of course can work any way you'd like to use them.  

Here's an Instagram shot of the one she gave me:

The sweet birdie print is a cotton flannel fabric, and the underside is a hot pink anti pill fleece fabric.  It's hand crocheted on the sides in turquoise.   I should have taken a picture of it when it arrived - all wrapped up with a tulle bow and this cute birdie attached.

I have several pregnant friends; I can't wait to see what options Hallie Birdie has when these babies come out.  Here are a few of my current favorites in her shop right now:

Kitschy Camping Print, $45

Rainbow Animal Print, $45

Bird and Branch Sketch, $45

Bicycle Print, $45

So sweet!  Hope you can add Hallie Birdie to your Etsy circles and favorite a few of these gems!