Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jammie time

For those of you with kids, I am sure you will agree with me - nothing is better than finding great jammies (pajamas would be the proper term) for your kids. It's something they always need, and something they spend a lot of time in!

I am so excited to show you my newest find in pajama world - Petit Lem Signature. My Mom bought Gemma a pair of these when she was born, and they fit like a glove. My biggest pet peeve with baby jammies is when the feet don't really fit in the 'foot spot' indicated by the jammies. I know, pretty anal. But I feel like with some pairs I'm constantly fishing around to put Gemma's foot back in the right spot. As you might imagine, Petit Lem jammies don't have this problem!! They fit perfect and have a little elastic sewn around the back of the ankle so that your babies' foot stays put. Yep that rhymed. Look at me, I'm such a dork!

Those of you not familiar with the brand should DEFINITELY visit their website to look at their Fall/Winter collection. It's adorable. They carry pajamas from newborn all the way up to 14 yrs!! The other thing I like is that the boys collection is thoughtful and very boyish but not obnoxious. I find it SO HARD to find 'cute' boy things from some all tends to look so grown up you know? They aren't boys for too long so I figure we may as well cash in on the cute while we can, right?

Here are some of my favorite jammies for babies:

And I can't get enough of these robes:

They have a great store-finder on their website as well, and online they are kind of everywhere.....just google petit lem and see what you come up with! I even found a few things on! Finally, I must say I wish I had better pics to show you of this adorable line - but their website doesn't allow you to use their pics......I got these off of their Facebook page.

Finally - as I'm always on the hunt for great jammies - anyone else have favorite brands they recommend??