Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling for Alice + Olivia

It is no secret that I LOVE Alice + Olivia.  So when I got my daily Shopbop email today, featuring the debut of A+O's Fall 2011 Collection I quickly took a look.  

Let me tell you, the collection does not disappoint.  They did a darling video featuring some looks from their collection, which you can view here:

Here are some of the looks from the video, all of which are available on Shopbop!  From past experience though, if you are lusting after something, GET IT!  And get it quick!  A+O sells quick, and you can't go wrong with Shopbop's free shipping and free returns.

If I had to pick a favorite look, it would be the first one with the gold long sleeved sequin mini.  I want to be that girl come this year's holiday parties - big bun on my head included!