Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 completely unrelated topics.....

First, I want to send out some prayers to people in southwest Missouri, Kansas, and southern Illinois.  Crazy tornados ripped through those areas last night and some small towns are in tatters. readers here in the midwest know what I'm talking about - tornados are the SCARIEST and most destructive things.  Let's send our love and hope down there, ok!!??

Here in Chicago we had wacky we have wacky weather too - last night we had thunderstorms, and woke up this morning to sunny skies and 52 degrees!!   I'll take it as all of last week's snow is basically gone.

Second (and I warned you, totally unrelated), I am sadly excited to see the Lindsey Lohan interview with Matt Lauer on Today, tomorrow morning.  Girlfriend's looks are still a hot mess even though she says she's getting back on track.  She looks like she's plumped up her cheeks and her lips, not to mention the hair and brows....  yikes!  Are you with me?  Will you watch tomorrow morning on the Today show?