Monday, September 17, 2012

Found: A Mascara Must

As this blog was founded with the word 'mascara' in the title, one would think that I might post about actual mascara more often.  Only problem is, I STILL really like the mascara I've been using for 2+ years.  Tarte's Lights, Camera Action is still amazing and way better than others I've tried.  Trust me, I have short lashes and mascara is important to me!

However, I was happily browsing in Ulta the other day with my 2 year old shopping partner (and daughter) Gemma, and we stumbled upon what has quickly become a new favorite.  As Gemma was testing various eye shadows on her fingertips and playing pick up sticks with eyeliner, I focused in on Tarte's MultiplEYE lash enhancing primer.  

Seriously, for only $22 I can now look like I'm sporting faux eyelashes!  I LOVE IT!  It glides right on, thickens, lengthens, and primes my lashes for the their next layer - Tarte's Lights Camera Action.  

If you are searching for something that doesn't cost a fortune (getting faux lashes put on every 2 weeks, persay), check out Tarte's MultiplEYE.  I heart it.