Thursday, November 15, 2012

Star Wars + Hanna Andersson = Super Cool Jams

I don't know how i missed this one - a Star Wars collaboration with Hanna Andersson on jammies!  Genius.  I know Hanna's are not inexpensive - but let me tell you, they are worth the money.

They never pill, they never get crusty (I hate when cheap cotton starts to feel crusty from too many washings), and they don't shrink.

Having a little boy means anything superhero, Star Wars, or Lego related is what it's all about right now.  So when I saw this announcement on my Facebook feed today, I was so excited.

 All of the long johns sets are $42, and the short johns are $36.

Here are all of the long john options - and if you like these, I would get 'em fast!  Good Hanna jams sell quickly, especially during the holidays.