Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To LA & back in 48 hours

This past weekend, I took a quick trip to LA.  My husband was out there during the week, so I decided to meet him out there for a little fun!  We've both been there a few different times in the past few years, but a lot of it was for work and we haven't had time to explore.  

So in a quick 48 hours, here's what we did:

Stayed at the W in Hollywood.  Interesting location, and I got to see the Hollywood walk of fame for the first time.  Pretty cool to think of all the history there.

Outdoor lounge at the W Hollywood

Dinner on Friday night at Sotto.  Nestled into a garden apartment-type location, we went to Sotto with an old friend from Shopbop and her husband.  Given that she now owns and operates the very successful Bollare PR agency, we knew Alle would be steering us somewhere great for food.  

Sotto did NOT disappoint; I'll be back there next time we're in LA for sure.  They serve southern-Italian dishes, and cook their pizzas Neapolitan style in a wood burning oven made specifically for just that.  They also have a terrific sommelier on staff who steered us in the exact right directions for wine to pair with our dinner choices.  Seriously, this place was the BOMB.  (yes, I just said that, thank you 1999).  

On Saturday morning, Joe let me lead the way.  I had decided that we'd spend the day in Santa Monica as that's one of the places in/around LA that we'd never been to.  Armed with my Goop LA City Guide, we set out around 9am.  

I must elaborate on this Goop City Guide.  Goop is the website/blog started by Gwyneth back in 2008 dedicated to 'all of life's positives.'  The blog is published weekly, with each post under one of the following categories: Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See.  I love getting the newsletter each week, it's always chock full of ideas, articles, recipes, shopping, the list goes on.  Each article speaks to me for one reason or another -  I think Gwyneth really has her finger on the pulse on this one.....

Anyway, expanding on her 'Go' category, Gwyneth created the Goop City Guide app for your phone.  It is seriously AWESOME.  I used it all over Santa Monica and each spot we went to (recommended by the app) did not disappoint.  

Here's what she has to say about the app:   'Taking goop’s popular journal category ‘GO’ to the next level, our City Guides app is filled with all of the much-loved and under-the-radar places, along with classic favorites, goop has discovered over the years.'

First up on the list: breakfast.  Which because the place we went to was so amazing, it turned out to be more like brunch.  We arrived at Huckleberry in Santa Monica about 9:30am.  

You guys, this place was so super good, I might have been jealous of myself while I was eating. I mean......I had an egg white burrito with cheese, a little cilantro, roasted potatoes, avocado, and a little green salsa.  It was ridiculous.  I would try to recreate it at home but I know I can't.  So I'll just go back.

Here's Joe eating his roasted peppers, prosciutto and burrata sandwich.  He inhaled it in less than 3 minutes - for anyone who knows my husband this is the absolute truth.  Raved about it afterwards, then took down a chocolate croissant.  Oh, to have his metabolism.......

We then took a little stroll down to the Pacific Palisades Park.  But first we stopped at one of Joe's favorite LA spots - the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  They have the BEST iced green tea latte ever made!  Try one next time you're there!

Some gorgeous views; hard to believe that if you lived there you'd EVER take it all for granted.  Even at 55 degrees, the sun was shining and we were happy!

View from Palisades Park

If anyone is wondering, those boots are one of my best investments - Loeffler Randall Slouchy Suede Knee Highs.

After walking around for a bit, we headed back into town to check out the shops on the 3rd St Promenade.  Such a cute street full of shops and people to look at.  We went into Kitson and found 2 things:  

1.  This hilarious book which pretty makes fun of twitter and the things people say on it.  #love 

2. One of my oldest and best friends - Juicy Janelle (don't ask)!   I knew she and her husband were in town as well, but we hadn't planned on meeting up until that evening for dinner.  So while browsing the kids section at Kitson it was CRAZY to run into her!  

We decided to hit up another place on the Goop LA list - the Vanilla Bake Shop.  It did NOT disappoint.  We got an assortment of mini cupcakes - my choices were Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Vanilla Bean, and Mom's Birthday Cake.  The frosting MADE them.  

Later that afternoon, my husband and I got massages at the Bliss spa inside our hotel (such a long time overdue, hadn't had one since last June I think!).......I have decided that my favorite Bliss product is their Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter.  Such an amazing smell - and not too sweet.  

And finally, that night we headed out to dinner (with Janelle and her husband) at Koi.  One of our favorite sushi places in LA, we had a great time.  It's always a great spot to spy celebs - that night Julia Stiles walked in right behind us, and Richard Simmons hilariously took photos with people from the booth right next to us.  

Short but sweet, it was nice to get away.  And fun to see Jon Stewart at LAX on the way home.  ;-)