Friday, September 6, 2013

Can't get a decent photo of your kids? Hire Leathem Photography. You're welcome.

Chicagoland friends - if you are looking for a children's photographer, look no further.  I have found her for you.  Her name is Tammy Leathem, and she has taken pictures of my children since each of them were born.  After each and every photo session I count the days until I get my pictures back because I can't wait to see what special faces and moments Tammy has caught on camera.

Photography is a passion for Tammy, not just a job.  You can clearly see that in her pictures. I only wish she had pursued her passion just one year earlier than she did and she could have photographed my wedding!  Eeek - that was 9 years ago.

Anyway - wanted to share a few pictures from our session with Tammy in May.  The photos are stunning - and it's not just because I have cute kids (don't we all have THE CUTEST kids?).  

phone: 312-952-6974