Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Men Bow, Ladies Curtsy

My goodness.  My writing on this blog has almost come to a screeching halt.  Until today.

New Year's Resolution 2015.  To write on this blog about my kids.  Solely about them. Cute things they say, pictures, moments.  At this moment, my kids are at the perfect ages.  Griffin is 6, in first grade, and learning at the speed of light.  It's amazing to witness.  Gemma is 4, ready for Kindergarten next year, but still the sweetest little preschooler I know.  She isn't quite as worldly as her big brother, but boy does she want to be!

Today, it's all about being a princess.  Gemma watched Tangled this afternoon (she's got a cold, don't judge me sticking her in front of a movie!), and came upstairs from the basement telling me all about rules for princesses.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. You must be a dainty lady and do all dainty things.
2.  Be nice to people.
3.  Eat dainty.
4.  Pinkies out.
5.  Curtsy.
6.  Marry.
7.  Kiss.
8.  You must do love and hugs.
9.  Always look fancy.

Some additions, according to Griffin:

1.  Wear your tiara, dress, and glass slippers.
2.  Always wear your cape.

The second issue we had after watching Tangled (and Rapunzel) was 'Mama, I want long hair.'  My response was, Gemma, you actually do have pretty long hair.  'No, i want LONG HAIR LIKE RAPUNZEL Mama!'  To which Griffin replied in a very exasperated tone:  'Gemma, if you want long hair like Rapunzel, you have to let your hair grow longer and longer and longer and longer and never get it cut.  Ever.  Even if you feel like it, you can't.  That's how you get long hair.'

My 6 year old truly knows the ways of the world.  At least the world according to Disney.