Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I had to spend my fall budget all in one place.....

It would DEFINITELY be at

My husband and I walked in there last Saturday to check it out, and I said that exact thing to him - If I had to buy all my fall pieces in just one store this year, it would be J Crew! It looks amazing. Not only do the clothes look amazing - spot on in terms of wearable trends and fashion - but they also have made some GREAT partnerships. Well, they are calling it 'J Crew in good company.' Click HERE to see all the brands they have partnered with.

Noteables that I love and that are affordable? Madewell, Essie, and Stila. At the J.Crew store you can buy Madewell Skinnies, Essie nail polish, and Stila lip gloss. Great cross branding, J. Crew! You have made me want all 3.

Here is a sneak peek of their fabulosity:

Convertible Cuff Gloves, $98

-the perfect accessory for cold weather this year; chic and warm.

The Benny Blazer, $168

-pair this knit blazer with some distressed skinnies and ankle boots, and you're trendy without overdoing it.

Miller Motorcycle Boots, $250

-What wouldn't I wear these with? Black is my choice, since they have that moto-edgy feel.

Fenton/Fallon for J Crew Carrington Crystal Bow Necklace, $295

-A bit pricey, but WELL WORTH IT! This necklace will go with your white tank/Benny Blazer/distressed jeans/moto boots look, as well as with a strapless LBD. I love it! I used to buy the Fallon line for bop, and I was always impressed with their unique pieces. LOVE!

So tell me, do you all love what J Crew is doing as much as I do right now??