Friday, July 1, 2016

1st Tooth, lost. Literally.

It's a rite of passage when your child loses their first tooth.  Toddler-hood, over.  Big kid, here to stay.

We didn't even notice Gemma had a loose tooth until the dental hygenist told us at the kids appointment in May.  She was, typically, terrified.  She didn't want to wiggle it, and didn't want to even think about it coming out.

So, it got looser and looser, and when Mimi and Papa were here a couple of weeks ago, we predicted that maybe it would come out in Kansas City when we were there late July - sort of like when Griffin lost TWO teeth there last summer.  One at a Royals game in some cotton candy (hilarious), and one at the airport while waiting for our flight home while drinking a bottle of water (it actually fell out into the bottle of water while he was drinking it, ha!).

But clearly we were wrong.  When I arrived at camp to pick the kids up on Tuesday afternoon, I saw Griffin first.  He was marching out for pick up with his  group with a big smile on his face when he saw me.  He kept motioning for me to come over, quick!

When I got there, he couldn't wait to tell me that he'd seen a drawing on the floor at camp that someone had made that said 'I lost my tooth on the playground, love Gemma.'  He was ecstatic for his sister!  Sweet boy.

Then, I saw Gemma.  Thinking she'd be jumping out her skin to tell me....I walked up to her and said, do you have something to tell me?  She said, very nonchalantly, 'Yeah, I lost my tooth on the playground, in the wood chips!'  I said, oh great, where is it?  We'll have to leave it for the toothfairy tonight!  It was then that I found out - it was quite literally, lost.

The way her story goes, she was running on the playground, and her friend stopped her and said, Gemma, where's your tooth?  LOL!