Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pinterest Party on CBS

I feel the need to spread the love about a girlfriend and sorority sister of mine from college who is seriously hitting the big time this Thursday morning on CBS This Morning!  

Kristi Gilbert is the writer of a hilariously honest and funny blog, called Whine and Cheez.  She lives in the suburbs of Chicago and blogs about her 'new' life as a Mom of two adorable kids.  She also writes a column called 'Goodbye Miniskirt, Hello Minivan' for the Patch.  Busy lady!  

Anyway, a few weeks ago Kristi decided to throw a 'Pinterest Party.'  Now if any of you like Pinterest as much as I do, you would have LOVED to go to her party!  At the party, Kristi made appetizers and goodies made from recipes and ideas found on Pinterest, she had crafts made found on Pinterest, she wore a dress she found on Pinterest, and even had a white elephant gift exchange with her guests - of course the gifts/crafts were required to have been found on Pinterest.  

Here's Kristi at her 1st Pinterest party, how cute is she?

Anyway, a day after she posted her 1st Pinterest party on her blog, a producer from CBS This Morning emailed her to see if she'd be interested in throwing another party to be filmed and aired on their show!  Um, YES!  How cool is that - the magic of the internet, for realz.  So over this past weekend she had Pinterest party #2, which will be aired THIS Thursday morning on CBS.  You MUST tune in, and if not, you MUST visit her blog and read about her parties.  

Here are just a few things at her party, found on Pinterest and created for the party.......

DIY potted herbs in chalkboard painted pots, easy and cute to label

Cowgirl Cookies 

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

Cute floral arrangement with limes anchoring the bottom
Here's Kristi's Pinterest Party #2 Board, in case you'd like to follow her.

Congratulations, Kristi!

Everyone else, aren't you inspired by where a few pins and a fun party can get you?  

Happy Pinning and Partying!  ;-)