Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I hate beets

Dear Tracy Anderson,

I hate beets.  I really detest them.  Why must you insist on putting them in your 'power juice?'  Honestly, the juice repulses me.  UGGGG!  What to do?


For now, I'm going to make my own 'power juice.'  I'll still put some kale in there, and some apple, but no beets.  For the've got to realize there's a serious contention of people out there who feel the same way.  I think beets are like cilantro, you either love them OR hate them.  I love cilantro, I hate beets.

Does anyone have any great smoothie/juice recipes that include kale, spinach, and no dairy?  Just fruits and veggies?

So - enough about beets.  I am feeling the urge to get myself some well-priced bohemian printed pants.  They are the 'it' pant of the summer, and I've found some great ones from Club Monaco on Shopbop for $149, but I'd love to pay under $100.

Here are some fun ones from Forever 21 - which, if you want to try out a trend, this is the place to go.

Mosaic Print Palazzos, $29.80

Dots and Daisies Palazzos, $19.80

Leopard Print Pants, $27.80

Now a few from Free People, always up on a hippie-inspired trend....

FP ONE Pacific Trails Pant, $98 (only available on the FP website)

FP ONE Floral Fields Wideleg Pant, $98 (also only on FP site)
FP ONE Solid Gauze Hippie Pant, $98