Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peter Rabbit

I'm back! After a long couple of weeks of packing, moving, and dealing with life in general upheaval, we are finally in Chicago and feeling somewhat settled. Yahoo! It's so good to be here too. The neighborhood we moved into is so cozy, there have already been some nice neighbors introducing themselves, and my Mom and Joe's parents came to help unpack (which was totally necessary because if they hadn't I may have had some kind of breakdown trying to do it with just Joe).

We've also already been welcomed by the 12 year old pranksters in our neighborhood by getting ding-dong ditched 2 days in a row. Ha! The first day it happened, I wasn't sure who rang the doorbell - no one was there! However I was not happy about it - they decided to do this during Griffin's nap time, and my dog Bella enjoys pretending it's a 4 alarm fire every time someone rings the doorbell. Thank goodness Griffin didn't wake up - Mommy would have REALLY been mad then! So the second time the pranksters struck was yesterday, while we had a house full of people, and my Mom and Mother in law actually saw them run away from the door and hide behind a car. We sent Joe out to tell them to cut it out. Hopefully it won't happen again - and hopefully my sweet little Griffin doesn't do this to people when he gets big! Ugh!

So I don't know if I'm the last to catch on to what Starbucks has been offering lately for kids, but I thought it was worth telling you all about. My mom and I ran into the very close to our house Starbucks (I am so excited we have one so close, and a Dunkin's a little slice of heaven here compared to Pittsburgh) the other day, and found the cutest & healthiest little snack for toddlers and kids I've ever seen. They're called Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Snacks.

A few of the reasons they're fabulous:
100% organic fruit, with no artificial ingredients or added sugar
-they come in a darling little squeezable pouch that is fun for the kids to squeeze and relatively mess-free. The pouch also has a resealable cap if they don't finish it all at once.
-no need for refrigeration
-they come in three yummy flavors:

Apple and Grape

Strawberry Banana

Mango, Banana and Orange

Griffin likes all three, and every time i have gotten him one he says "mmm! yummy mama!" So much better than getting him the typical chocolate milk at Starbucks. Less sugar, and the 3.5 oz size gives him one of his fruit servings for the day. Sometimes the only fruit serving he gets for the day depending on his level of stubbornness! ;-)

I ordered a couple of 10 packs off of the other day for $16.90 each, but also found that you can get the 10 packs on for $16.50. A lot cheaper than buying at Starbucks, and great to throw in your diaper bag for a snack in a pinch.

Looking forward to doing a bunch more blogging in the next month before baby - only 1 month left!