Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Signing off for a week.....

So - this week we're making the big move to Chicago. I don't know why I'm calling it 'the big move' as we just did a 'big move' from Madison to Pittsburgh only 3 months ago! So I guess it's just another move. However we have both decided that this is the last 'big move' for a long time. I am ready to be settled on one city, that's for sure. And I'm super excited that it's the stomping grounds of my early 20's, Chicago!
Anywho - we'll be disassembling our computer tomorrow so I thought I'd say goodbye for about a week. I promise I'll be back with good stories.....
But today, here's a little picture-tribute of our ENTIRE 3 months in Pittsburgh.....tears. Just kidding.

Just after we moved here in early March, at 21ish weeks pregnant

Papa came out to visit our first week here in Pittsburgh and help Mommy unpack boxes - and he did a LOT of Griffin maintenance........Thanks Dad!

We squeezed in an amazing trip to Hawaii at the end of March....here's a beautiful rainbow that you see there probably once, daily!

We took a fun trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo with Griffin's cousin Juliana who flew in from Chicago just for his 2nd birthday celebration! They are so cute together....

While at the Zoo, we came across this beautiful peacock - not in an exhibit, not in a cage, seriously, just HANGING OUT by the main walkway! It let us get within a couple of feet and we took tons of pictures. Look at those feathers! Another GREAT reason to buy faux, people.

And here I am at 29 weeks prego, with my sweet Griffin 'giving the baby a kiss.'

In early May, we took a trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum

Just this past week, Griffin's two best friends here in Pittsburgh came over for some fun in the backyard, Harrison and Jackson. The amount of screaming that goes on when these kids see each other is hilarious. Here, they're playing ring around the rosie (Griffin's the meaty one in the green shorts).

Finally, yesterday, we took Griffin to his first baseball game - Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the Chicago Cubs. Go Cubs - see you in Chicago!