Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toning, toning, toning

So I keep seeing these ads in all of my magazines for the Reebok Reetone shoes. They totally have peaked my interest, as it seems like they would be a great way to kind of ease yourself back into working out after NOT working out for say, 9 months. Yikes! Ok, I did do the Tracy Anderson video (thank you for the GREAT recommendation, Style Scout) up until about month 6 of this pregnancy, but after we moved to Pittsburgh and my life turned upside down the working out ended pretty quick.

I know they're not an insta-weight-loser, but the fact that I need new tennis shoes and the fact that apres-bebe I will probably have 20 or so lbs to lose makes me very very interested in these! After all, a good diet & the belly slimmer I am forcing myself to wear are probably not going to do the trick on their own.....right?

Reebok's statement on what they do is this:

"Reebok uses unique balance pods with moving air built into the shoe that provide natural instability with every step, which forces your muscles to adapt and work harder."

And here's how:

"Compared to a typical foam based walking shoe, EasyTone footwear with balance ball inspired technology generated 28% more gluteus maximus muscle activation, 11% more hamstring activation, and 11% more calf activation."

They have three options:

Easytone - These shoes seem like they're aimed at sort of every-day, run around town use. Perfect for me when running after Griffin on a daily basis!

I'm of course loving the gold (I know, not for everyone) but they also have them in pink, blue, black, all white, etc. The gold are $124.98, but all the other colors are $99.98.

They also have the Easytone Flipflop, which I'm a bit skeptical of - I mean, $59.98 for a flipflop? You have to really love wearing your flipflops (which I do) and hope that these bad boys don't give you blisters!

The 2nd item they offer is the RunTone Shoe for, yep, running. Here's what Reebok has to say about the RunTone:

"You asked for it – you got it: the muscle-toning shoe you can wear while running, training and working out. Compared to a traditional running shoe, RunTone, a close cousin to our EasyTone shoe, encourages more activation in key leg muscles like the calves and quads and reduces overall body stress."

So if you're a runner (which I wish I was, but I'm just not), not a bad idea!? They're the same price as the EasyTone - $99.98. On the Reebok website they only have two colors available right now - blue/white & green/white.

Finally, there's supposed to be a TrainTone coming out - I saw an ad for it in a magazine, but I can't find them on the Reebok site - for shockingly, training.

Probably my favorite part (aside from that pesky fitness aspect) of these shoes is that you can, for a little more money, customize your Easytones! Fun fun! The fashionista in me is all over this. You get to pick your colors on every single designable aspect of this shoe. Here's where you'd go on the site to do this - it's only $125.

So my question to you all is - do you know anyone who has bought these? Do they like them? I would love some advice on whether or not to spend the money!