Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm a Barbie girl...are you?

One very exciting thing for me about having a little girl is that I get to share my LOVE of Barbies with her! I saved a few of my favorites from my childhood and I literally can't wait until Gemma is ready to play with them. I used to spend hours dressing and re-dressing my Barbies in the basement play room, and I remember my sister Amy would spend equal amounts of time playing with her My Little Ponies. It worked out well - my Barbies often took 'horsie rides' on Amy's ponies. Ha! Thinking back we had a great time....

Anyway, over the past few years I have rekindled my Barbie love, thanks in part to the Vintage Barbie Calendars that are now put out each year. They are sketched drawings of Barbies in various fabulous outfits, and I just LOVE THEM! They are SO fabulous that you can easily frame the drawings and hang them as wall art - in perhaps a little girls room, or any room that you deem 'shabby chic' I think. Last year my friend Melanie (of the ever popular Style Scout blog) and I were talking about these calendars - I think it was around Christmas time - and they were tough to find by that point - so if you like them, get on it!

They usually do 2 calendars - there is a more typical 16 month Vintage Barbie Calendar, in which you can actually write in birthdays and keep track of things, and then there is the Vintage Barbie Poster Wall Calendar, which to me is more for decoration in itself than actually being useful.....

16 Month Vintage Barbie 2011 Calendar

Here's a shot of the inside....

The 2011 Vintage Barbie Poster Wall Calendar

And this is what each individual page looks like on the Poster Wall Calendar - like I said - more for decoration.

Since it's holiday time, I must mention that these make GREAT girlfriend gifts - and at $13.99 & $21.99 respectively - they are a great price. Try as well as