Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashionable IPhone Gloves??

So - struggling to compile a list of things you might want for Christmas? I am. However, gloves for the IPhone are something I definitely want.

However...hard to find. Let me tell you. I have just been scouring around the internet and have decided that the best options are these:

The Northface ETip, for $40.

They come in black, white, and grey (aka in any of these colors they'll match with anything!), and will no doubt do the job in terms of warmth and iphone use. However, the Northface website is already out of the XS and S - in all of the colors. And they're Unisex so if you're a girl you definitely want a XS or S. Try Nordstrom instead!

The others I like are by Echo - the Touchscreen Knit Glove. They come in a TON of colors - visit http://www.echodesign.com/, but my favorites are either black or fuschia, which are sold at http://www.saks.com/. They retail at $48.00 - and are maybe a more stylish alternative to the more utilitarian Northface glove.....check em:

So tell me - anyone have these already? Would love some commentary!!