Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Good Week

Serious about playing in the water

I took a blogging break last week - as usual, when I have a 'blog break' it's totally unplanned.  Life just gets in the way of me and my laptop!

So let's see........what happened the week of June 6th:

  • had our first HOT HOT days of summer and went to the splash-park for the first time this summer (and the first time ever with Gemma, she LOVED it).

Look at my big boy and then those legs on Gemma!

  • My Mom's Birthday - Happy 49th again Mom!
  • My Birthday - yes, 29 again!

Me and my wonderful Birthday dinner organizer, my husband!
As you can see, I wore 'the dress' that I blogged about a few weeks ago - it was FAB!   Can't wait to find another excuse to wear a hot pink dress......
  • was offered a full time position at Wonder! as the Senior Apparel Buyer (infant and children's apparel and shoes), wahoo!

  • accepted the full time position at Wonder!, double wahoo!

  • sadly notified my sales managers at LSpace and PilyQ that I can't be their midwest rep anymore (tiny tears, these women are the best to work for and I truly enjoyed doing this for the short time that I did)

  • ate a scrumptious Sweet Mandy B's cupcake

  • received a BEAUTIFUL new David Yurman ring from my hint-taking husband... ;-)

  • had an amazing birthday dinner with GREAT friends at Piccolo Sogno; we sat on their amazing patio complete with 3 heat lamps because somehow, on June 11, the high was only 65 degrees!  Oh the Midwest, I love/hate you.

  • at the birthday dinner, I must mention that my husband ate not one, not two, but three entrees.  Seriously.

  • spent the night at the Westin downtown after said birthday dinner so we could both enjoy some amazing wine and not have to designate a driver, therefore sleeping until whenever we felt like it

  • for us, 'sleeping in' is now defined as simply not waking up to 'Mama!!!!  Daddy!!!!! I'm ready to get up!!!!'