Thursday, June 2, 2011

some special pictures

I recently road-tripped it back to Kansas City with the kids to get in some family time before the summer gets really busy.  Always on my list of things to do when i'm home is to make a trip up to St Joseph, MO, where my Grandpa still lives.  He is the proud patriarch of a decently sized Lucas family (my maiden name); he has 4 kids of his own, 8 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren to date!  

I think these pictures are very special - there are 80-something years in between Gemma and her Great Grandpa, but they look as if they're old buddies on their first meeting.

All smiles

Checking Grandpa out

He is an old pro at holding babies, right!?

Enter my Dad and Griffin (who was NOT into taking pics)

A good time had by all
One more thing - TODAY is my Grandpa's 88th birthday!  

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  

As I said on the phone earlier - I hope that when I am 88 i look and feel as good as you!  Cheers to you today!