Thursday, December 29, 2011

a prediction on 2012's 'it' girl

I saw the movie the Descendants recently, with George Clooney.  SUCH a great film.  I highly recommend it - it's getting a lot of buzz for best picture I think?

Anyway, George's two daughters in the film were such standout actresses - the older of which is played by Shailene Woodley.  She is who I predict will be one of the 'it' girls of 2012.  She might already be one for all I know (I'm just a Chicago Mom, right!?)

Shailene is just gorgeous, as well as brunette, which I love.  She seems to be one of those natural beauties - doesn't need a lot of makeup, hair-dying, or anything.  She was also featured in InStyle Magazine's January issue......the pictures are amazing.  Makes me want to move to Hawaii, layer tons of necklaces, be tan, and wear lots of contrasting prints - because in Hawaii, anything goes!  Oh, and I'd always be able to wear my favorite coral lipstick if i lived there.  ;-)

Here are some of the pics from her InStyle shoot:

Anyone else have any 'it' girl predictions for the coming year?