Monday, July 2, 2012

My Purple Pants

In light of my, ahem, 35th birthday a few weeks ago, I decided to gift myself one months' worth of classes at the Bar Method.  I'm sure the many who have come before me at the Bar will echo my sentiment, but it's fabulous, addicting, challenging, and I can't get enough.  My arms hurt, my legs hurt, but I'm still going back people.

One thing about it that i've had to get used to is you can't wear shorts.  I LIVE in shorts in the summer, especially workout shorts.  However, since I can't do that at the Bar, I have adjusted to my new life in LuLu Lemon's Wunder Under Crops.

I had them in black, but when I went to the store for another pair, they had them in all sorts of fantastic colors.  The ones I fell in love with are a fabulous shade of purple; I'm obsessed!  Not only do I love the color, but they make me happy and actually make me want to work out.  Now that's amazing.

Here I am in all of my purple glory........(and I had to take a picture of myself in them, b/c they're not on the Lulu site right now, sorry).....

For some reason, none of the fun colors are on their site right now, but I pulled some pics off the internet to show you the other options.  Really, I like them ALL, but I think my next choice would of course be pink.  

While perusing the Lulu site, I also came across these cute purple shorts that I had to share too since purple is the theme today:

Boogie Short, $42, in faded dot embossed bruised berry

Happy Workout!