Friday, February 4, 2011

Stylish Blogger, Moi?

Hopefully by this title you all don't think I'm complimenting myself (which in all honestly wouldn't be a surprise, ha!), but instead I was nominated by Melanie of Scout as someone who is, a 'stylish blogger!' Thank you Mel, you're always very sweet to me.

As part of the deal, you have to nominate other 'stylish bloggers.'  Here are some great blogs I follow written by some very stylish women!  Ladies, I look forward to your posts!

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The other part of the game is to reveal 7 interesting things about read on if you're interested!

1. I recently learned to needlepoint (from my Mom) and needle pointed my husband a proper Christmas stocking! I am in the process of making Gemma's as well......and also making a little pillow for my niece Sienna (it's a very belated gift at the rate I'm going!). Obviously this is not the one I made - sorry, I don't feel like unearthing it from the basement Xmas decs...but it's similar.
2. Before kids, I had professional pictures taken of my dogs! Yes, I did. They turned out amazing......the photographer I used is Amanda Jones. If you are an animal lover like me, it's SO worth it! Here's an example of her work:

3.  I have a pacemaker.  Yes, as in the old lady kind.  To me, it's not a big deal and I don't think of it much.  I really don't even notice the scar anymore.   I probably will in a couple of years when I have to get my battery replaced - no joke!  I'm battery operated. 

4.  A few years ago (before kids, even before I was married), my Mom and I were shopping on Armitage Ave in Chicago and found some adorable frames.  You know, the kind that are painted with either rhinestones on them or a bow, or whatever......but they were in a boutique for $40 or $50!  Both of us being somewhat crafty, we thought 'We can make these!'  So we bought some materials and they came out.....just ok.  I made a few, gave some to my Mom, and got bored of it.  However, a couple of months ago, I revisited this craft and am now making my own frames - some to give as gifts, but I think I may just open my own little Etsy shop.  And yes, I will do custom orders if you're interested!  Stay the meantime here are a couple I have ready to  go:

5.  Despite all of his unfortunate comments, strange singing faces, and just all around weirdness, I love me some John Mayer.  I love all of his albums, and love to blast it in the car, when making dinner, whenever!  When Gemma was teency this summer, for some reason his Battlestudies album calmed her......Joe says it's because it's melancholy.  He's probably right.  When we moved out of our house last year in Madison, I was pregnant with Gemma and very emotional about the move, quitting my job, etc, and so as we drove away I turned on John Mayer's song 'All we ever do is say goodbye' and sobbed all the way to Chicago.  Whew!  I was intermittently laughing at myself; Joe didn't quite know what to say. 

6.  I am kind of obsessed with swimwear.  Strange, given I live in the Midwest and only don one on a yearly vacation and maybe a handful of times in the summer.  If you were to come see my 'collection' you'd laugh.  How many swimsuits does a Midwestern girl need?  Apparently more than 15.

7.  I went to an all girls, catholic high school.  We wore uniforms, rarely shaved our legs, had many nuns for teachers, and loved every minute of it!  St Teresa's Academy in Kansas City was the best!  I made some of the best friends of my life there, and learned so much about myself.  I loved being in the all girls environment and focusing on ME.  What else did I love about it?  That our brother school was Rockhurst.  Who doesn't love a Rockhurst boy?  Here are some old school photos to make you laugh.