Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back to work

I'm super excited to tell everyone about my new title - Independent Midwest Sales Representative for L*Space Swim and Pilyq Swim!  I am telling you, once you're in the fashion industry, it's SO HARD to leave!  I've missed it.

Anyway, my love of swimwear has blossomed into a career path, and I can't wait to start selling.  These two lines are AMAZING!  L*Space is a fabulous line that is super popular - I carried it in bop and it's on - and that I hear even has a suit in the upcoming SI Swimsuit Issue.  Yahoo!  Check it out on the SI Swimsuit Facebook page.  Here's just one of the great looking suits in their

Just one of L*Space's amazing suits!

Pilyq is a brand spanking new line that I just previewed on Tuesday and it's to die for.  I think I want 80% of the collection.  Why do I live in the Midwest again?  Pilyq is SO new that the website isn't quite ready - but you can 'fan' Pilyq on Facebook - click here so when the collection debuts you can be among the first to find out about it!  Here's the logo - doesn't that tell you enough?  ;-)  Stripes, peachy pink tones, gold.....ahhh....summer.

So here's my question for you all of my Midwestern readers - do you know of any FABULOUS swim stores or boutiques that these lines should be in?  I would love any tips you can send!