Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nouveau Design

By now you've probably noticed my new blog design. Do you love it? I hope so.

I sure do!! I found Viva la Violette via a friend of mine in the real world and blog world, Katie. Katie is one of those uber creative types and writes her own very popular blog, Art Wall. Which by the way if you are in any way creative or want to be, you should go there now! Katie also runs another related website,, where she is the curator of different pieces of art that can actually be purchased. It's cool because you shop-by-room, and can find one of a kind pieces that Katie has sourced with her trained art-eye.

Back to my blog, the wonderful Violet of Viva la Violette designed it. The color palette was inspired by what I had picked out for my new Mommy cards (see last week's blog post, 'Never thought I'd have these'), and Violet took it from there. After a little Q&A, she came up with my new design - simple, contemporary & understated, with a touch of old school (cursive writing!).

If you write a blog or are even thinking about it, please visit Violet's blog and design studio. She does great work and was a breeze to work with.