Friday, May 6, 2011

Slaving Away........

A report on all things Tracy Anderson and my battle of the baby bulge.

To date:

  • 6 very stubborn lbs lost.  (and by lost, I mean never to be found again hopefully)
  • Many inches lost.
  • Right ankle sprained.
  • Therefore experiencing a bit of a plateau as I can't do cardio.
  • Still totally motivated.

This helps:

Only about 12 or so lbs to get back to the infamous 'Wedding Weight.'

My son Griffin now refers to Tracy Anderson on a first name basis in our conversations.  Ex: "Mom, are you going to do your Tracy video now?" OR "Mom, I think we need to turn Tracy off."  Oh I wish, Griff, I wish.  ;-)

Will report back in another month or so..............and CONGRATS to my friend Marla of Stellebelle & Rubylou for losing all of HER babyweight asap - her little Ruby is only 19 weeks!  Whew.  I'm impressed.