Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'Chooze' a new shoe

One of the best things about being a buyer is finding a new line that you really believe in and putting your dollars behind it.  For me at Wonder, one of these lines is Chooze shoes.

I first found Chooze through their PR firm in LA, Bollare.  The owner and founder of Bollare is a good friend from my days at Shopbop (that's where she got her start in PR!), and she sent us some samples.

You'll notice with Chooze shoes the left shoe is never quite the same as the right.  Maybe it's a different fabric altogether, maybe the print is the same but the background color is different, whatever!  For a kid - how much fun is that?  Kids love wearing two different socks and if they could, two different shoes - so here's the answer to their prayers.

Chooze is also all about giving back.  How?  CHOOZE is a Good Returns company.  At the end of each year, CHOOZE invests 100% of profits in anti-poverty programs.  These programs provide training, support, education, and loans to women so they can start their own businesses and lift themselves out of extreme poverty.  Loans are paid back at the end of the year and they start the cycle again.  Cool, right?

Here are some of my favorites from the Fall line we'll be debuting at Wonder!