Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Morning New York!

Here for business for the first time in two years, I am excited to be back.  I love to explore cities, and although I have been to New York countless times, unless you live here it's hard to say you really 'know' it.  This time I am staying in Bryant Park, and I can't wait to take a walk around the neighborhood when I'm done with work today.

One cool thing I found out about Bryant Park in the summer is that they have an outdoor summer film festival. It's on Monday nights, and tonight they're showing Cool Hand Luke.  

Tonight I have dinner plans with a vendor at Eataly, which I have been wanting to eat at ever since I heard about it's opening almost a year ago!  It's owned by Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich most notably (there are others), and it's a market you can shop as well as encompassing 12+ restaurants within.  

Here's a little info and to learn more go to

“We cook what we sell and we sell what we cook.”
Eataly is more than a supermarket with restaurants. It is an energetic marketplace, an opportunity totaste and take home the products of artisans who till, knead and press to bring you the highest quality products at fair price. We have assembled the absolute best Italian producers from every region under one roof and the absolute best chefs to cook their wares; Eataly is the heartbeat of Italy. We want to challenge the idea that quality products are accessible only to a select few. We’ve done it in Italy:TorinoBolognaMilanoPineroloAstiGenova and JapanTokyoDaikanyamaMitsukoshi &Gransta, now it’s time to take New York. Our new New York address does not mean we are only about importing. Our bread is made with New York flour, our gelato is whipped up with local dairy and our meat, produce and fish are almost always American. Grazie, America!

You should also look on their Facebook page to learn more.....Oh I CANNOT wait!