Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gemma's Nursery....Finally!

It's a little embarrassing that it took me THIS long to get Gemma's nursery pictures up here on my blog, did. I am a bit of a perfectionist and wanted to have it all 'done' before putting anything on here for longevity.

I do have to say that you'll probably not notice any shelving on the walls or anything - that was hard for me. I have some GREAT Pottery Barn crown molding shelves that I wanted to put up, but I lost some of the hardware in the move and PB won't give me new hardware unless I buy a whole new shelf. SO irritating. And the hardware mount is VERY specific to the shelf, so specific that I can't find it anywhere. And let me tell you, I've looked. Anyway, so there are no shelves, and there will not be until I decide to throw some money down the toilet and buy new ones for the hardware.

One other note - I am in no way, shape or form a photographer! I can barely use my Canon Powershot. So excuse weird angles and lighting....

Some cute is the 'Gemma' lettering (try to ignore the mobile - Gemma loves that thing, can't take it down)? I found it on Etsy of course. The shop is called DwellingOnline and it's adorable! I was able to send her pictures of the bedding, the rug, and give her a general idea of the room and she did the letters from that!

Some of you might remember this fabulous drum table I found at Serena & Lily - I love the uniqueness of it!

I searched for quite a while to find a bookcase for the room that was small enough for the space (it's a pretty small room). I loved this Land of Nod 'Bin There Done that Book Bin' because it isn't too deep - only about a foot - which provides more 'play' space in the room while housing Gemma's books neatly.

This is the cutest canvas art my Mom and I came across at Home Goods! What a find - it was $39.99 and incorporated all things girly and had that little bit of lavender that I had been trouble finding (everything is PINK!).

This is a small space that's between the door and the sliding closet doors of the room. I wasn't sure what to do with this space, but ended up getting some cute $12 flower wall hangups from Land of Nod, and put this cute (again) Land of Nod tutu on one hook, and MY old baptism dress on the other. The more I look at it, the more I like it. A little old, a little new, it's sweet.

This is obviously the changing table, but I wanted to show that if you have kids of the opposite sex, you CAN re-use things in the new nursery - all of the furniture in Gemma's nursery is Griffin's old stuff - even this artwork above the changing table. It's all Oopsy Daisy artwork that went great in his room too, even though his nursery was taupe, chocolate brown, and turquoise.

I must mention where I got the chandelier as it was quite the search. I didn't want to spend a lot of $$ on it, just on principle! Therefore after posting on Facebook about it and asking my friends, I found a GREAT deal at Home Depot. No kidding. My friend Erin Lopez of the blog Raw for a Reason (check it out!) told me to try there and she was right! The chandelier I got is the Hampton Bay Mini 3 light chandelier, and it was only $99. And no kidding, with a smile and maybe a little lip gloss, the guy gave it to me for $80. Can you believe it? Somehow I bargained at Home Depot and WON. ha!

Somewhat unrelated to the nursery, I HAD to show off Gemma's new shoes. Are they darling or what? I picked them up at BabyGap the other day - they are a total nod to my very own Marc Jacobs Mouse flats (of which I have two pair, but would own them all if I could!) so they were a MUST. If you MUST, here's the link.

Finally, here's Miss Gemma Grace herself, babylegs, Mel-Belles bow, excessive drool and all. :-) And for those of you worried about how she's sitting up and the crib hasn't been dropped yet - don't. We dropped it down last night - big girl already!

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Gemma's nursery....I certainly had fun decorating it. And as we all know - it will never be 'done.' Let me know if you have any ideas to make it even more fabulous!