Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter in Kansas City

We just returned to Chicago from a lovely time in Kansas City with my family.  Kansas City is where I grew up, and I love going home to see everyone and catch up!

First off, I have to mention that I went on a playdate with two blogger friends of mine (Melanie from Scout, and Sarah from Apparently Obsessed), as well as one of my best girlfriends from long ago - we had such a great time.  Here's a picture of most of the kids (one is too tiny to sit on the playground equipment)........

Mine are the two on the left!  I swear, Gemma had fun.....

Now, for the Easter celebration.  I took tons of pictures with my little camera, and some of them surprisingly turned out great.  We were up in St Joseph, MO, which is where my Dad grew up and where we continue to have family get-togethers.  This is at the St Joseph Country Club - this nice weather makes for beautiful green grass in pictures!

Scrumptious Gemma, 21 months

L-R, Grant & Hudson (Griff's cousins in KC), & Griffin

I don't know how I got them to do this, but it worked.  Precious.

Family pic!


Playing in the sand trap
Gemma and her Auntie Amy
Not the same day, but had to make sure to get Mimi into the pics......

My dad and Gemma - or Papa as he's known to the kids