Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cake Pop Success!!!

I am excited to report that my cake pops were a smashing success!  I mastered them, for real.  Not the fancy ones, just the basic cake pops.  But seriously, they were a lot harder than I had imagined!

I followed Bakerella's recipe and tips, but after the first screw up, I made a couple of subtle changes that made the pop stay on the stick throughout the dipping process.  If any of you are interested or inclined to make cake pops, let me know before you embark on the adventure - my tips will save you I am certain!

So after I figured it out, I went a little cake pop crazy, and ended up making something like 85 pops.  I never counted the final number, but 1 cake is supposed to net you 48 pops, and I made 2 cakes worth.  

They turned out beautiful AND delicious, and people at work have been enjoying them this week and last (HAD to get them out of the house before I 'snack' on cake-pops throughout the day, daily).  

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow on Gemma's party - where the cake pops made their official debut!