Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspired to wear......

Rainbow colored denim.

There was a time in my life, about age 11 I think, that ALL I wanted to wear was my turquoise denim jacket.  Thinking back, I remember that I was the only one in the class that had a colored denim jacket, as opposed to all of the other girls who had just regular denim.  We all had a zillion buttons on our jackets that personalized them, but I was SO into my turquoise jean jacket.  I didn't know it then, but I was using fashion as a way to stand out from my peers, to make a statement, that THIS is who Mollie is.  I love that I did that, I love that I didn't conform as so many do at that age.  Now I didn't always stand out - I of course had to have the HUGE 80's bangs like everyone else - but at least I wore the bangs with my turquoise jacket.

Anyway, I was inspired to go back to my colored denim wearing ways upon seeing this fabulous lookbook from Shopbop :  Hanneli has her way with Rainbow Denim.  The lookbook was shot by, modeled by, and styled by Hanneli herself - a very notable fashion blogger.  If you haven't stopped by her site, you should:

Here are some of the shots from the lookbook - I would tell you my favs but honestly I love it all!  Especially the pink skinnies.  Apparently other people liked them too, they're only left in a size 29.