Friday, July 1, 2011

Cake Pop Trial

For Gemma's 1st Birthday coming up, I have been searching Etsy high and low for a great cake pop vendor.  Now, don't get me wrong, there are TONS of darling cake pop vendors on Etsy, but most come in at $24/dozen and then $15 for shipping - that's just crazy expensive, right?

Secondarily, I searched around the Chicago area bakeries (Deerfield Bakery, Sweet Mandy B's, etc) and got zilch.  Deerfield Bakery is 'working on them' and Sweet Mandy B's hadn't heard of them.  For real?  Come on Mandy B - I love your cupcakes - cake pops are your next natural step!  Another bakery seriously said - 'oh, you can order them from Starbucks!'  Not so much.  I did find the Cake Poppery here in Chicago, but their shipping fee was astronomical given they are only as far as Midway airport.  You must check their site too though - some adorable ideas!

So finally - I decided that this Mama will be making her own cake pops for Gemma's party.  I can't wait. I found Bakerella.  Aka Angie Dudley.  You MUST check out her website:

She makes the most darling cake pops imaginable, and she got so popular from her website that she got a book deal - aptly named 'Cake Pops by Bakerella,' which I will be using for my cake pop adventure. 

Mine might not be as fancy as hers, but hopefully they will taste as good as hers!  That's what really counts!