Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cake Pop Update

Attempted Cake Pops.  Ended up with Cake Balls.  Sooooo annoying.

I followed every instruction to a tee,  but when it got to the part where I take the cake ball and put the lollypop stick in, then dip it into the candy coating - the cake ball broke apart and fell into the candy coating.  What gives???

My husband and I decided that either A) I need to stick the lollypop sticks into the balls BEFORE I chill them, or B) I need to not chill the pops for so long in the fridge.  The recipe says to chill them for several hours before adding the candy coating - I'm guessing overnight was too long?

Round 2 of Cake Pops is tomorrow I think.  Wish me luck.  If it doesn't work this time - it's Cake Balls all the way.  Because they taste just as good, that's for sure!