Thursday, April 15, 2010

As the belly grows.....

Alrighty - since most of my friends don't live here in Pittsburgh, I have decided against my better judgement to show you all a pic of myself from Hawaii a couple of weeks ago - at 6 months pregnant.

When you're pregnant, and far away from your friends and family, people are always saying 'Send me a picture, I want to see!' I know this because I say the same thing to my friends!!

So here's a pic - and let me note 2 things that might make you laugh. As my belly gets bigger, my rear seems to disappear. Darnit. I wish I had my sister's booty to balance things out! ;-) Secondly, if this looks big to you - wait till I get to 9 months. I'm sure this baby will be another biggie like my 9 lb Griffin.

And I will throw in a couple of cute Griffin and family pics for good measure from our much needed vacation.....

At our favorite restaurant on Maui - the Plantation House at Kapalua Golf Course

my little beach bum

Dad & Griffin

As soon as we got on that plane I wished we could have stayed another week!