Monday, April 26, 2010

Belly Bandit? Cinch? Need help!

As I have now officially hit my 3rd trimester, I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with all things BABY - new crib bedding, newborn clothing, another monitor for the house (because I'm sure we'll have to continue using one in Griffin's room), the list could go on.

However, the other thing I have been thinking about A LOT is fitting into my old clothes - someday. I hope that this time around, that 'someday' is sooner than it was after Griffin. I must admit, I was kind of lazy about the whole losing weight thing after him, and didn't really fit into my favorites until after I did Nutrisystem for a couple of months. It worked wonders - that's a whole other blog post though.

What I wanted to talk about today is what my sister in law Angie and I have been mulling over all weekend. Which belly slimmer is the best? She is also pregnant, and due June 8, 5 weeks before my due date. Neither of us used one of these contraptions the first time, mostly because we weren't really aware they existed! However this time, both of us are more anxious than ever to lose excess baby weight sooner than later.

We started checking out brands we have seen advertised in the back of pregnancy and parenting magazines, and have narrowed our search down to a couple of favorites.

First up, the Belly Bandit. This one is getting a ton of press lately because Miss Kourtney Kardashian used it and is now promoting it for the company. However, we all know good and well that Miss Kourtney also probably had a nutritionist, personal trainer, and night nanny to help get her back to her pre-pregnancy body, stat! All things that I don't have, darnit. That aside, the Belly Bandit looks like it's quite easy to use, and very adjustable as you ease down the scale. Angie and I have decided that we like the Bamboo Belly Bandit because it's antibacterial, moisture-wicking (I'm a sweaty gal, not gonna lie), and because of those reasons it's recommended to mommies who have c-sections (both of us).

The second one we like is the Cinch Tummy Wrap. The Cinch is made by a woman who also makes other shapewear, so she must know what she's talking about. However we're kind of confused on this one - they make a Cinch for moms with newborns (the Signature Cinch), and a Cinch for moms with toddlers (the Cinch Couture). The difference is that the one for moms with newborns has a pouch in front where you can place a hot or cold pack. What for? I just don't get it. Anyone know more about this? The Cinch also looks a bit more involved when putting it on - but maybe that's why it's so great? We need help on this one!

The Cinch - not the best picture, you'll have to visit their website to get a better feel for it.

Finally, a third option that Angie most definitely likes more than myself - it's called the Wink - medical grade compression and shape wear. As you can see from the picture, it looks like Spanx, right? Wink has a one-up on Spanx though because of it's patented power-stretch fabric and anti-microbial fabric. Blah blah blah to me though, because this would make me hot (running theme here); it's like one gigantic pair of underwear that comes all the way up to your ribcage. I also have an obsession with my 'fat back' (if you know me, you know about my fat back issues) and the Wink would only squish out the 'back.' Oh I'm laughing at myself as I type.

The Wink - Also, who do they have modeling this? If you're this skinny already, you don't need to be using the Wink, sister!

So I need your help - have any of you out there purchased some kind of post-pregnancy belly slimmer? Or have your friends? Angie and I need recommendations of what you or your friends have liked best. After all, it's so much better to hear it from a real person who has been there, done that, than just plucking a product out of nowhere, right? Right!