Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to my world!

So, I'm new to this blogging thing. However, I am so excited to have a space online where I can share my life! I have no specific plans for what I may blog about, but it will include fashion for sure, health, mommy-isms, funny stories, probably a lot about my son Griffin, and in the near future a lot about this new baby we are expecting in July!

Let me start by introducing myself and explaining my picture above - that's me and my husband Joe, along with our son Griffin who just turned 2 (in that pic he's 18 months), and our two beloved dogs, Bella & Nani.

Bella is the one who looks like an alarm just went off and she must go inspect, and Nani is the one trying to get down - most definitely she is on the hunt for food. She's a bit of a garbage disposal.

We just moved our whole lives from Madison, WI to Pittsburgh, PA for my husband's job. Talk about life upside down: pregnant, new house, renting old house because market is bad (therefore acting as landlord), new job for me as a SAHM, I could go on.

So welcome - and enjoy! I appreciate any and all feedback on future posts, and if you love this blog, recommend it to a friend!