Monday, April 19, 2010

Griffin's Must Have

As a lot of you know (moms or not), most kids have some kind of blanket, stuffed animal, or soft item that they cannot live/sleep/nap/do without. For some, it's even a pacifier!

For Griffin, that MUST HAVE item is his Angel Dear blankie. This is not a big blanket that covers him in bed at night - instead it's about a 1X1 piece of soft blanket, with an animal head on top. My description of course has come out a little creepy, but I assure you the actual item is not. These blankies make great gifts too, at a mere $13.

Griffin even calls these his 'friends' and when it's time for nap or bedtime, he asks to get his friend (which by Mom's rule, only stay in the bedroom - avoiding any meltdowns caused by losing a 'friend' at Target or the park!!).
Here are a few of the Angel Dear blankies we have:

appropriately and creatively, we named this one 'doggie'

introducing 'duckie'

Shocker - 'elephant'

These 'friends' of ours have held up over the past 2 years extremely well - they come out looking like new after a little time in the laundry room (wash and dry!). They also have a little soft tag attached to them which at first one would think - great, a tag to cut off. But before you get scissor happy, DON'T do it! Griffin holds his friends by the tag, and the tag has somehow become the most important part of his friend. Before I became a Mom, I had no idea how much babies and toddlers loved to hold onto tags and play with them but now I SO appreciate the importance!

To my happy surprise, back when I decided we needed more than just 'duckie' and 'elephant,' I found that Angel Dear sells much more than just blankies!

They have these adorable Chenille Hoodies - great for a spring or fall day at the park:

For your little girl in Fuchsia/Apple Green, $38

For your little boy in Apple Green/Navy also $38

The clothing for babies and toddlers at Angel Dear is refreshingly simple. I find it hard these days to find a cute outfit for your little one without some kind of wording splashed across the front, or with a flower on a girls outfit, or with a truck on a boys outfit. Angel Dear has managed to go back to the basics with stripes and solids but in a very sweet and unique way.

A couple of examples from their Spring 2010 line:

If you've already become a fan, and want to know more about Angel Dear - they even have a great blog, and they're on facebook.

Happy Shopping for your little one, or for a GREAT gift. That's how we discovered them!