Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love a good Choo

Spring fashion is in full swing - and I can't really participate. Yep, being pregnant kind of eliminates the ability to get super trendy with your clothes. It's all about looking stylish AND comfortable.

I am doing my best however by dressing up my basic pregnancy wardrobe with accessories! My favorites? Of course handbags, jewelry, and who could forget SHOES.

I just read in a magazine that Jimmy Choo has re-launched some of their best sellers over the past few years, WAHOO! It's called Choo: 24/7. I have a bit of a love affair going on with two pairs of flats I bought at Saks literally 4+ years ago. At the time, buying a pair of Jimmy Choo flats was a HUGE splurge, and while doing it, I was thinking 'Who do I think I am?!'

However, the purchase turned out to be one of my best over the past few years, as I've worn these flats a ton, received countless compliments on them both, and they've stood the test of time. They still look good - in fact, I wore them today!

So - I took a peek today at the Jimmy Choo website to see if my oldies but goodies had been re-launched, and sure enough, they have!

I have the black suede version, and pink metallic version (sounds horrible, but they're amazing) from yesteryear......these are the 2010 version:

Jimmy Choo 'Wand' Flat, gold metallic, $350

Jimmy Choo 'Wand' Flat in black patent, $350

Today, as a SAHM, these would also be a huge splurge, but at least if I splurge I know that I'll definitely be getting my money's worth. I think I have my eye on the gold metallic - they'll go with everything!