Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion Police

As many of my high school and college friends can attest, I have long been calling myself the 'fashion police.' I know that anyone can be the fashion police at any time, but as I was mentally policing someone the other day I remembered what fun it is!

Oh she's so materialistic, you say?

You might be right. But at least I admit it.

Therefore, because I think that everyone occasionally needs to be fashion policed themselves, and fashion policing is really all in good fun (one of my favorite parts of Glamour magazine is the Glamour Don'ts), I am going to do a weekly Fashion Police post.

Yay! This may come in the form of just a description of what I saw with my own two eyes, or maybe a picture I came across on the internet or wherever, or maybe a question of a 'do' or a 'don't.' I would LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback..........

So tonight's episode of Fashion Police is this:

Last week I was at one of Griffins activities with him, and another Mom there was wearing (at 9:30am) heavy gold sparkly eyeliner. With her gym clothes.

Do or Don't?

I'm going with.......Don't.