Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fashion Police

Welcome to another fashion police episode.

This one comes to us from my good friend Maria Elena, who in managing the Laura Mercier counter at the Kansas City Nordstroms sees.......a lot of people in need of policing. She was also my partner in crime back in our high school and college days of fashion policing.....however looking back at pictures I feel like we were in need of it ourselves!

She said recently there was an event at the store where a woman who attended the event might have garnered more attention than the actual event itself. She was wearing.....

FUR boots.

I have seen a few people wearing fur boots in this neck of the woods myself, and they're really not my thing either. My opinion is.....Why would you want your feet to look like those of a woolly mammoth? I'm picturing the woman Maria is describing wearing something like these....

I think there is a tasteful way to do fur (faux please, I have strong opinions on real fur, people) boots, right? What do you all think?