Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Never thought I would have these

No, I never thought I would have these, but I took the plunge. I have .....................Mommy calling cards! Aren't they cute?

Do any of you feel this way? Are you thinking - how cheesy is that? Or, is that really necessary? That is what I was thinking a couple of years ago when I found out such a thing existed. Are you ready for the 'BUT?'

But, my stylish friend Melanie of Style Scout had suggested these a while back, and I recently decided I needed some.

Here are my (and what my be YOUR reasons):

1. When you're at the park/preschool/mall and you meet another Mom with kids that you think might be someone you want to get to know, do you really have the hands/time to get out some paper or program her number into your phone?

2. If you do end up programming her into your phone, will you remember who she is a week later when you're scrolling through your phone? For example, you see Cara and think, "who the heck is Cara with a 312 area code?"

3. If you don't have the time and just decide not to exchange information and hope that you see each other again, it's Murphy's Law that you won't. Believe me, because I have done this too many times.

4. If you live in a new area (which I do) and don't know many people (which I don't), this is a great way to connect with other Mom's, set up playdates, and make friends for you and your kids!

5. So if you DO have Mommy Cards, reaching into your bag and handing one out is easy as pie. And the chances that whomever you hand it to will call you are much higher, since you gave them an adorable card that they won't soon forget!

I got my cards (at Melanie's suggestion) on Etsy, by Pixielimpress.

Here are some of my other favorite designs she features: