Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gallery Wall

I am fairly close to being done with a project I started oh, well, a year or more ago.  ;-)

I decided that since we live in a split level house, and a fair amount of my time is spent going up and down the many levels of stairs we have, I wanted something nice to look at while doing all of this up and down.  Making a gallery wall is something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and I did my research.

I found there are many ways of doing a gallery wall - yet there are no rights and wrongs.  All personal preference.  Many people choose perfect symmetry and all of the same frames, some people choose all the same frames but an asymmetrical layout, and some people choose neither!  That's me.  The walls I found I loved in magazines and online (in other peoples blogs and on pinterest) were the ones that used many different frames, and didn't have a specific layout in mind.

Here's what I've come up with so far - there are a few empty spots that I haven't found either the right frame for, or the right picture.  Enjoy!  I have had a lot of fun doing this.......the bummer is that when we move out of here someday I'm going to have to recreate this elsewhere.  Wait - that's not really a bummer.  Who am I kidding, I love to organize and create!

In other news.....while I was working on this project, here are the projects my kids were working on.  Gotta love it when you leave them to their own devices.

Griffin stole Gemma's new teaset and was having a teaparty in the hall with his 'friends.'  AAAAdorable.

Gemma got busy with a full box of kleenex.  Good times.